Here are the questions we are asking ourselves and each other all the time. Some of them have answers! But the answers are unsatisfying, or lead to WORK that we need to go out and do. So we do that work and then keep asking them.

  1. What effect does the way words are presented (both visually and sonically) have on the way we interpret them?
  2. Are we shaping language to describe the world around us, or is our world increasingly being defined by the formal strictures of the language we use? (we're allowed to phrase this as a leading question because the answer is uh duh yeah obviously language is a brain parasite we have to wrest control from if not temporarily exorcise completely every now and again)
  3. People used to totally balk at the idea of product placement but nowadays people generally seem to be chill with it or at least archly resigned to it, what's the deal with that
  4. Are we being capital b capital q bad queers by being deeply suspicious of this new acceptance by the hegemony of the LGBTQI+ community? (general consensus: no, capitalism loves sneaking up behind you to give you a bear hug and then before you know it it's wearing your face as a mask and selling you back to the consumer pool at a premium. But there are ways of making this work in our favour we think? Like, you can hypnotise it for short periods of time and grab the cash maybe? Work in progress. What we do know is that hashtagging all your work with your favourite signifiers makes an audience grow fast in the same way you can force a pumpkin to grow absurdly huge but it ceases to be edible or useful and its insides get all disgusting in trippy ways)
  5. Is music really actually the vessel for truth we like to think it is or are we just kidding ourselves because it's so sexy? (guhhh... next question)
  6. When we start talking very sincerely about semiotics is that the beginning of the end or is there some small multidimensional pocket of punk sensibility tucked into a corner of it somewhere? (this seems to boil down to "can you claim to understand the fundamentals of what you're doing and still be a chill human" which, the answer HAS to be yes right? right????)
  7. Can language be used as a kind of drug? (results inconclusive, further testing required)