Ninetales Anthology 2018

Specifications & Requirements

Ninetales Collective is assembling an anthology of comics and experimental writing for publication and release on March 18th. 

As a collective, comics are a significant part of our output. We like the amount of control it affords in terms of constructing a narrative.


We are interested in presenting language in unorthodox ways, both to offer a neurodivergent worldview and simply for a love of aesthetic form, and the formal possibilities afforded by a semantic framework.

Below, find some past examples of work by the collective. 


Work must be submitted as a black and white (greyscale) image in .jpg or .png format. 

Work will be presented in an A5 format, so we recommend submitting your work on a canvas sized 1748px by 2480px 


Submissions of other sizes are fine, but will be resized and placed on the page at our discretion.

Each submission can be comprised of anywhere between 1-4 pages.

Email submissions to

Deadline for submissions is March 11th

Excerpts from Self-Esteem Dream by Jet Sweeney:

From Fucking And Kissing by Tom Milsom:

From RIP(E) by Jet Sweeney and Tom Milsom:

From Power by Honor Ash:

From Amateur Lovemaking Monthly by Tom Milsom:

From Mountain by Jet Sweeney: