Kitchen 2

How deeply does advertising affect our lives?

How many subliminal messages do we see a day, and what are they telling us?

What power can words have when presented in a certain way?

What do businesses want from their customers?

As our society moves further and further towards prioritising the interests of businesses and their profitability, brands are feeling empowered to encroach ever further on the lives of their potential customers to embed a positive image of themselves in our minds. For instance: on March 29th 2019, Miami's Ultra Festival featured a DJ in an oversized Marshmello-style Colonel Sanders head playing music while the KFC logo and slogans appeared on the big screens behind. This audacious new frontier for advertising was at turns seen as crass, embarrassing, and even dystopian, but most certainly; profitable.

Named after the formal project title given to KFC's restaurant refurbishment initiative by design firm R&R Design, Ninetales Collective's exhibition Kitchen 2 turns the tables, reappropriating the slogans and images hung on the walls of this restaurant and presenting them as artworks.

Placed under this scrutiny, these passive and intentionally inoffensive design elements become a stark demonstration of the intentionality of modern commercial design, and its power to coax people into cycles of consumption.

Images from the private view held on 09/04/2019 at KFC, 32-36 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 5BS

Kitchen 2 in 5.18 magazine